About Us

We help you to uncover the hidden beauty of your home

Nighttime view of outdoor lights on patio, garden, and home porch

Our Values & Mission

Our vision is to provide modern, high-quality outdoor lighting solutions for luxury homes and commercial properties. We take our time and give full attention to creating a timeless, prestigious display of lighting that satisfies the highest of expectations. We’ve perfected our craft by manifesting the perfect blend of aesthetic and advanced functionality on outdoor lighting systems.

Our History

Nightworks is the long-time passion project of Shawn Roberts, the CEO of two commercial solar energy companies, VeriWatt and APC Solar. Years ago, Roberts fused his love of landscape design and electrical engineering to create a top-tier outdoor lighting company in Southwest Missouri. 

Since then, tremendous amounts of heart and soul have gone into establishing Nightworks as a premier outdoor lighting design and installation company, a reputation built on experience and happy customers. For over 23 years, Nightworks has installed top-of-the-line lighting systems on over 2,000 projects. 

Seeing customers’ faces light up when their home transitions from a vague silhouetted outline in the pitch black of night to a beautiful piece of art reminds him exactly why he started Nightworks and why it continues to deliver a memorable experience to clients. 

outdoor residential lighting project for a Fayetteville AR home

Decades of Experience

If you’re driving by a luxury home in Southwest Missouri with beautiful light fixtures, it was probably Nightworks. We’ve been installing and designing custom outdoor lighting systems for clients for over 20 year. If you’re looking for expert design consultation and guidance on how to make your home look its absolute best, our team can help. 

What Sets Us Apart?

Our exceptional team of lighting installation experts, engineers, and designers is what makes Nightworks the premier outdoor lighting installation company in the Midwest. We’re the longest-running outdoor lighting company in the midwest. We’ve been creating outstanding lighting designs for homes and businesses since 1999.

Committed to Excellence

Masterful designs, precise installations, and a creative vision to pull it all together. With time, care, and attention to detail, we’ll bring your outdoor lighting dreams into reality. Take a look at what our customers have to say. 

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