Become an outdoor lighting specialist, designer, or technician at Nightworks

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Get started with a career in outdoor lighting system installation or design with Nightworks. Enjoy a great company culture, and get relevant industry experience on the job as you learn and grow professionally.

Daytime view of a large-scale residential home setting

Developers / Commercial & Residential

We work closely with developers to ensure they get high-quality lighting designs and installations at their commercial and residential properties. If you’re interested in becoming a partner with Nightworks, contact one of our friendly representatives today. 

Contractors / Commercial & Residential

We get the job done right the first time. The team at Nightworks works to help contracting companies with strategic placement and well-engineered designs of high-end lighting systems.

Adobo-style home illuminated by custom landscape lighting at night
newly built, modern luxury home in the daytime

Landscape Architects / Commercial & Residential

At Nightworks, we team up with landscape architects to produce skillful, artistic lighting designs and strategically-placed lighting fixtures at commercial and residential external properties. 

Why Choose Nightworks?

Nightworks got its start as a work of passion that steadily grew into what it is today. With well over 700 + projects successfully completed, comprising over 20 years of industry experience, Nightworks has carved out a reputation for being a premier outdoor lighting installation company in Southwest Missouri. 


We provide lighting system designs for outdoor landscapes, gardens, architecture, and more. Our mission is to deliver premium outdoor lighting services to clients across the Midwest, spanning commercial and residential properties.